The uniquely human attribute in all human societies to create places of worship and adoration to superior entities.

The Send

Reports from the OMC
A bold assembly in this hour for those being called to step into the mantle of Billy Graham for our day.

Celebrating 70 Years and the Bride made herself ready!

With the press abuzz with the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem here are some good facts to know and a reminder that God not men govern their affairs.  Click to watch.The...

Practical Preparation Resources

Here are Some Resources for Practical Preparation for the Coming Storm: From time to time we will post quality resources for you to consider as you prepare practically for what...

Preparing For the Coming Storm Recap

Reports from the OMC
Storm Prep Recap It is becoming more and more evident from voices like Franklin Graham, Jonathan Cahn and even Ron Paul that there is an alarm being sounded about a coming...

OMC Summit Recap

Reports from the OMC
What was the OMC Summit? 79 men and women, from counties in the OMC met on Saturday January 3, around the subject: “Navigating the Coming Storm”.  Hosted by...

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